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Pole Parties/Classes was my passion & launch into the fitness world since 2005…Ive learned so much & saw 1st hand how Total Fitness includes Total Mind & Body!

Every woman should try a private class & see how great you will feel…all sizes, shapes & physical abilities.

Overcome Fitness & Health Obstacles.

Have you ever attempted a weight loss regimen? just couldn’t get motivated to start? Spent lots of money with good intentions, but things didn’t happen? Don’t know where to start? Disappointed with previous attempts?

You’re not alone, life gets complicated & it’s so easy to become distracted or lose motivation…after all it is easier to forget about your goals or intentions than to fulfill them.

Well; this blog is here to answer your questions, share goals & discuss all types of reasons why we can’t seem to move forward.

I can teach you fun & effective ways to begin, continue or advance your regimen.

Start now just by sharing your ideas, concerns & questions.

Fitness Move of the Week 10/18/16

Part of my blog will feature a fitness move each week to help you see how easy beginning & maintaining a workout regimen can be.

Having a healthy mind & body includes getting up & moving. I found with exercise & physical activity my appetite craved for more proteins & salads…yes I was a huge Ding Ding fan!

We will begin week 1 with my fav…squats!

Stand with feet shoulder width facing & approx 1 foot from wall.

Hold hands up overhead & sit like going to sit in a chair, however don’t touch the wall.

Squat as deep as you can – keep knees behind toes, back flat & tuck pelvis if you feel any pulling in your back. STOP immediately if any pain!

Repeat 10 – 15 x, add reps as you can go deeper in your squat. Do every other day…at least for the week.

Hope you find this motivating & looking forward to receiving suggestions, thoughts & more motivating comments!

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Alzheimer’s Hits Home

Alzheimer’s is indeed the “Longest Goodbye”. My Dad was diagnosed 7 years ago at the age of 83…we knew something was not right but figured it was just getting older.

Signs 10 years prior were vague but truly something we wished we had knowledge of at the time – extensive spending, worries of being robbed, worries of house catching fire, misplacing things, change to normal activities.

Prior to diagnosis repeated wonderful stories, remembered lots of childhood memories, repeated activities & chores. The final symptom was he driven to the corner store & became lost.

We immediately made Dr appointments to find what was wrong – After numerous tests…reality hit all of us!

During the last few years we learnt to go into his world, listened attentively to his wonderful memories, laugh at the quirky things he would say & do, worked with mind exercising activities (break down a flashlight & ask him to fix it, etc).

When he became very difficult to care for we placed him in a Rehab center…a must is to be active taking part in daily care, keep an eye out for proper care, no bruising or injuries & staff that answers questions & is supportive of you too.

Everyday for that final year I did lunch with him, stopped in after work in the later evening to be sure he was clean, comfortable & content. We would have coffee & share a pastry & chat about everything from his childhood to assuring him Mom was ok.

The final days were so contenting for he knew us & made sure to give us lots of words of wisdom & say goodbye.

I began studying signs of impending death & closely monitored him – 6 weeks prior – intense taste, foods were so delicious to him. 3 weeks prior – appetite slowed down & eyes glistened. 1 week prior – began saying goodbyes, it seemed the Alzheimer’s went away…he was very focused as he finished business, started seeing deceased family & friends. Last sign would be the mottling (hours to final moment)…

The morning staff called notifying me the last sign began, he gently sipped coffee with me & was so relaxed & content. No pain, held our hands, spoke comforting & we knew he knew it was ok.

He passed of “Natural Causes” & it was a very comforting moment, he knew us to the end…he beat the horrible end that Alzheimer’s could bring.

I miss him intensely, but know I was a big part in his life & treatment. I learnt so much about life & death & how to cope as a family member touched by such a horrible illness.

Best advice…go into their world, don’t argue or get frustrated, enjoy the quirky things & most of all laugh & love them…#alzheimers

Please share your thoughts or stories.

Mental Illness & Society

So many lives & families taken to the dark side – crime, addictions, suicide & lack of passion.

Families challenged with Autism, Alzheimer’s & depression.

Pharmaceuticals making a fortune – is this the answer? A society of zombies?

All living things are made up of millions of cells energized to create what living things are. When these energies are not in proper formation – result: mutations that create ailments both mentally & physically.

My theory of Total Mind & Body wellness includes personalized nutrition, fitness & realignment of the energies.

This post open to all theories & open doors to various discussions of all mental & Physical ailments & how we treat & how families cope. #fitness #wellness #health

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