Direct Sales Success

Wines for Humanity Charity Events click here for details on how to raise funds with these amazing products!
I’ve worked in Direct Marketing for over 30 years. Tried Vitamins, Several Facial Products, Fitness Programs & several other companies. These all failed for me, very difficult to get to top of compensation plan. Realized the market was saturated & to break in an established market was not feasible.

In 2005 I finally found great success investing in a new & unique Home Party Company…Pole Dance Parties! I was a founder for this new company & as word spread my organization grew quickly.

Recently I found another brand new & exciting Direct Marketing Company…Wines for Humanity! This company offers Home Wine Tasting, Cocktail Mixing & portion of wine selections goes to charities of host choice.

¬†Talk about a ground floor opportunity. My sales are already taking off. This bringing me to the main Direct Sales secret…get on board before market saturates with presenters (Wine Advisor) & be one of them at the top!!!

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