Summertime Passion, Running in Comfort

Running for Fun? Health? Fitness?

Do you have a “Summertime Passion”, I mean an outdoor activity that you just adore, but can only do in Spring, Summer or early Fall?

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Gotta LOVE seeing the “Finishline” during a halfer!

Mine are Rock Hunting, SUP & Running. Over the past years I’ve completed numerous 5k, 10k & half marathons.

I ran cities, rural areas & shorelines; smooth pavement, rough terrain, fields & even hills & mountains!!!

Survived the Mountain Run.

Definitely a fun & exhausting day…thank goodness for great shoes, good hydration & wonderful layers!

Using the best shoes, staying hydrated & with excellent layers I push further & harder! The following are my highest recommendations:

I dehydrate quickly, causing light headedness, spasms & weakness. Gnarly is my hydration top pick.

Gnarly Hydration







Do you live in a colder climate zone? I do & a very good base layer is a must. Enertor is great all seasons with its sweat wicking & energizing material this technology is a must!

Energy Shirt

Enertor Socks also available!

Energy Pants.

Shoes? Yes Brooks has been my best friends for several years…

Brooks Shoes.

Some winter races are fun, but I have a very difficult time with the cold – I am getting older – BUT… thank goodness for “Treadmills”! I can keep up with my stamina & endurance all winter long. Watch for my future blog on the best treadmills.

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Check out these 2 links for running & treadmill entertainment…

Fitness Move of the Week 10/18/16

Part of my blog will feature a fitness move each week to help you see how easy beginning & maintaining a workout regimen can be.

Having a healthy mind & body includes getting up & moving. I found with exercise & physical activity my appetite craved for more proteins & salads…yes I was a huge Ding Ding fan!

We will begin week 1 with my fav…squats!

Stand with feet shoulder width facing & approx 1 foot from wall.

Hold hands up overhead & sit like going to sit in a chair, however don’t touch the wall.

Squat as deep as you can – keep knees behind toes, back flat & tuck pelvis if you feel any pulling in your back. STOP immediately if any pain!

Repeat 10 – 15 x, add reps as you can go deeper in your squat. Do every other day…at least for the week.

Hope you find this motivating & looking forward to receiving suggestions, thoughts & more motivating comments!

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