Tools I Highly Recommend

This page will feature a wide variety of products that I researched for you. Save time & check them out…new topics & occassions themes to be updated bi-weekly…come back & see what’s new!!!

This Series Self, Home & Traveling Defense!!!

Ring system for your home or RV…gaining popularity as a very affordable way to keep an eye on your home/RV & even ward off intruders. Can monitor while away!!!

 Some say better than a gun…this model is re- chargeable & will stop attack. Perfect for home, camping & easy to carry.

Totally portable for your comfort & discretion, this little handheld is easily carried on your keychain.

Tactical pen more your style. I have one like this & it really gives sense of security when walking through parking lots & more. Metal tip is perfect to hit those critical points!

Now this is the pen I want! Has lots of built ins for practical as well as tactical uses. Great price too.

This little gadget appears to be a key, but voila when you may need it.

This series “Back to School”

Shop Amazon for top notch school supplies. Some great kits available for a limited time!

Keep track of appointments, school events, homework due dates & more with this wonderful refrigerator calendar.

Prime Student  give your college student the gift of discounts & specialsspecials

 This tablet is amazing for your student, high speed & perfect for their special readings.